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THATSHIGH Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2004, by several passionate young people who are characteristic of oversea research and management experience. From its establishment, THATSHIGH has been sticking to its original orientation of being a professional producer of optical devices of functional material and modulation module, and a vigorous server of related technology.

To meet the most updated requirement of solid-state laser and optical communication system, THATSHIGH never ceased to optimize its integrative competence of R&D, manufacture and services, to improve its internal management system, and thus to build its innovational power and market leadership challenge.

Adhering to the tenet of customer-centric, we never slack the practice of our company values which are also the ultimate criteria of our conducts. In short, we are doing our best to make THATSHIGH a reliable company with good reputation, high dignity and leadership position in specialized market.


1. Our Vision of Future
We are aiming to make a company with advanced management system, continual innovational power, and
competent market position. When accumulating its volume of business, customer credibility, and industry reputation, THATSHIGH hopes everybody working here is enjoying the growing of personal knowledge and ability, sharing the
sense of achievement of work and satisfaction of life.

2. Our Faith at Work
We stick to our tenet of customer-centric, i.e. create value and satisfaction for our clients through excellent products
and services, competitive price, as well as accurate delivery time.

3. Our Duty & Mission
To constantly develop and improve the function and performance of optical devices of functional material and
modulation module, build higher productivity. To carefully identify and earnestly explore market, provide our clients with appropriate products and services thus acquire constant growth of business.
4. Our Company Value
Keep being oriented by customer demand; Keep learning and making initiative

Stress on definite appointment and complete authorization; Do right things and do things right; So said so done, spare no effort; Stimulate, aggrandize and nourish creative idea;
Has the courage to take responsibility and risk;Allow mistake caused by innovation,
reject squander and perfunctoriness.

Esteem the spirit of sincerity and cooperation; Believe in oneself, respect and admire
others; Communicate promptly and effectively; Celebrate progress, share success.