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YVO4 bonded

Bonded crystal is developed from a technique called diffusion bonding: after a series process of surface treatment, two crystals were attached closely to form optical cement at room temperature. This optical cement was then heat-treated to form permanent bond system without the help of any extra binder. Experiments showed that bonded crystal formed by a non-doped crystal and a doped one with same matrix has the following merits: the thermal lens effect caused by end face distortion was eliminated; the damage of end faces caused by high temperature and thermal stress was avoided, therefore the damage threshold was increased; the O-O conversion efficiency was increased and the quality of the output light beam was improved. This bonding technology in laser applications can not only greatly improve the laser performance and beam quality, but also is conducive to the integration of laser systems and accessible to large-size crystal, especially suitable for high power DPSS laser system.


 dopant concentration






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